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Breast cancer – a different approach

Course length: 1 hour

Price: 99 EUR

How to heal breast cancer?

This course is designed to give you a holistic approach to heal breast cancer.

Breast cancer is a disease in which the cells in the breast grow out of control or abnormally. There are different types of breast cancers depending on which cells turn into cancer and in which parts of the breast they start to grow.

Medical treatment is necessary and sometimes urgent, BUT adding a holistic approach is essential and the two can work together to optimize the chances of healing.

What will you learn in this course?

  • what are the signs and symptoms of breast cancer and how you can you do a self-exam
  • medical treatments (surgery, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, radiation therapies)
  • theimportance to check if the lymph nodes are affected
  • the characteristics of cancer cells
  • the presentation of the holistic approach: body – the physical , mind –  psychological and the  energetic component
  • what personality types are affected more
  • what message does  cancer carry
  • what should we do differently in our life when getting sick
  • the related energetic blocks in the body
  • how the disease may be connected with nutrition and toxic chemicals
  • the importance to switch to organic on all levels –  food, cosmetics, household cleaning
  • how to reduce toxic elements in your life
  • the right ratio of  animal foods in the diet
  • how to handle vitamin, mineral and fatty acid deficiencies
  • the role of oncogenic viruses, why it is important to eradicate them even after medical treatments
  • what are the most typical mineral deficiencies to treat in this disease
  • the importance of balancing minerals with the emphasis on magnesium and iodine
  • how and why high risk heavy metals accumulate in your body
  • the importance of finding the root causes on physical, psychological and energetic levels as well
  • alternative therapies to protect normal body cells, reducing side effects of medical treatments, improving the  quality of life, supporting the immune system
  • the use of antioxidants, herbal therapies, high nutrient density food and high nutrition value supplements
  • the amazing effects of medicinal mushrooms, ellagic acid, antiviral therapies and cannabinoid oils
  • more holistic support: stress management, me time, relaxation, yoga, psychotherapy, acupuncture, essential oils and more…
The Length and Format of the Course

There is no need for previous education or training to take part in the course.

The course can be completed in a day by watching and learning the 1-hour video presentation that is available through our Academy.

The course material is accessible for 3 months, and can be learned and reviewed any number of times during this period.

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