Dr. Zita Csomai
medical doctor - naturopathic doctor
Keys to healing cancer

How to supplement medical treatments

The summary of the 20 years of experience of an MD-ND in healing cancer for family members, patients, doctors and other professionals in the field of healing

Course length: 1 hour

Price: 99 EUR

What will you learn in this course?

  • Why a tumor is a stop sign
  • What can you do to heal right now?
  • What type of traumas may cause cancer?
  • Why the causes of cancer are not so obvious and why won’t we have one magic cure?
  • Three case studies demonstrating the different root causes and solutions
  • How can you diminish the side effects of chemotherapy (psychologically and physically as well)?
  • Which vitamin should you not take while on chemo?
  • What lifestyle choices may play a role in developing cancer?
  • The negative and positive effects of nutrition in cancer
  • How to change your diet?
  • Detoxification in cancer
  • The risk factor of viral infections
  • Effects of heavy metal poisoning
  • Why is it important to focus not only on the tumor in healing?
  • The role of family in healing
  • Why is it important to personally take steps as a patient?
  • How can putting yourself last make you sick?

Our students say

After taking the course, I will definitely start the healing process on the whole, taking into account both the physical/bodily, and the energetic/emotional factors as well, placing slightly more emphasis on the causes lying behind the disease.
Taking into consideration and adhering to the steps recommended in the course, I would place emphasis on the physical, energetic, and emotional factors equally.
I will be able to suggest helpful healing techniques to my mother. In my own case, too, I will make sure to reach inner harmony by taking into account the three factors outlined in the course.
The Length and Format of the Course

There is no need for previous education or training to take part in the course.

The course can be completed in a day by watching and learning the 1-hour video presentation that is available through our Academy.

The course material is accessible for 3 months, and can be learned and reviewed any number of times during this period.

How to Apply
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  2. As soon as we have received your payment, we will email you the instructions on how to access the Academy’s system
  3. Log in, familiarize yourself with our classroom and start learning.

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