Nutrition Profile

Personalised diet for your metabolic type


Taking the quesswork out of nutrition

From our unique, evidence-based test you’ll find out:

  • Which weight loss strategy would be the most suitable for you
  • What type of food you should eat to boost your health and achieve optimal weight
  • What ratio of macro nutrients would be ideal for you
  • Would it suit you to follow any of the popular diets (paleo, ketogenic, vegan, vegetarian, etc.), if so, which one?
  • Do your eating habits support your health
  • What factors can influence your nutrition profile

A way out of the labyrinth of nutrition advice

You will know what type of diet matches your genetics and understand why, and you will see why your earlier attempts might have failed. Your certainty on your own nutritional path will be born at last.


First you need to fill out our special questionnaire.

It takes 10 minutes only, and in itself it might help you see many things about yourself.

In turn we will prepare your personalised, 20-25 page nutrition plan with recommendations

that will be your beacon in the sea of nutritional information from now on.

This material will provide you with unique guidance from 6 different perspectives

  1. Genetic metabolic type
  2. Dominant hormone type
  3. Physique type
  4. Calorie intake
  5. Emotional eating habits
  6. The most advanced nutritional foundations

then we consult

online or on the phone to get all your questions answered, refine your recommendations and go over what you need to do to start on this new, healthier path.


Our clients say

"I have been reassured that I am on the right track with my diet and eating habits and the assessment and consultation gave me a deeper insight into why certain foods are just not good for my body."
Andrea K.
"Finally someone showed me (and made me understand) why being a vegan was not working for me. Although I did lose weight, my health issues didn't improve. Then I tried paleo and it turned out that it wasn’t for me either. But now since I received my nutrition profile (years ago actually) I have had MY OWN DIETARY BALANCE and results do arrive. Thank you! "
Zoltan M.
"Thanks a lot for my evaluation, I just reread it. I was astounded that I am actually a carbohydrate type. I hope more carbs and less fats will facilitate my weight-loss. I was also surprised that my profile showed me how I looked before my illness, my original hormone type. I agree, I am definitely Ovarian type. The part on my relationship to food definitely made me think and realise I have to start to get serious about my health. I feel I am already more committed this week."
Niki K.


If you have any questions before ordering do not hesitate, give us a call.

Order your Nutrition Profile

Fill out your data and pay with your card, for bank transfer contact us at

Fill out the questionnaire

You will get an email/message with  a link to the Nutrition Profile questionnaire. Please fill it out.

Keep a Nutrition Diary

Keep track of your meals for 5 days. You will get instructions as to how in the email as well.

We create your Nutrition Profile

Within 3 days after the receipt of your diary we will create our Nutrition Profile and emailt it to you.

We make an appointment

Read carefully our recommendations upon receipt and write down the questions you might have and contact us for the appointment.

Get your consultation session

The session will take up to 60 minutes and is done in a video chat (skype, viber, whatsapp, zoom or messenger).

Nutrition Profile



(Introductory Price)

If you have health issues our blood work-based functional nutrition consultation is recommended, check it here.

What is included?


Upon you completing our test we are going to prepare your Nutrition Profile considering the four metabolic approaches. You will receive a personalised evaluation booklet with our recommendations on your nutrition intake, exercise regime, eating habits and some valuable cooking tips. You are going to receive this booklet well ahead of time so you can reflect on it and get ready with all your questions for your consultation.


The consultation is done through video chat. We will set a date and time to discuss your nutrition profile in 60 minutes and fine tune our recommendation as necessary.

A brief history of Metabolic typing

Is our metabolism different from person to person?

The concept of “metabolic type” was born in the 1930s. Weston Price traveled around the planet and observed populations living under different climates and consuming different types of nutrition that were all healthy. The current form of this method has been shaped by several researchers following in his footsteps during the past decades. By now science has proven that almost all of us have genes of several different ancient populations. This confirms the idea that our metabolism is different and unique from one another. Our YHA Nutrition Profile is meant to show your own personal makeup in this array of genetic mixture.

Once you become aware of your own “metabolic type” you will be able to recognize what nutrients and proportions are healthy  for you and it will help you navigate better among all the trendy diet plans and stay on your own track more easily.