Personalized lifestyle and supplement plan based on your lab test results

All of our clients are handled by our professional team under the supervision of Mrs. Zita Csomai –  a medical doctor and naturopath. We typically use the following tools to support our clientele: stress management, trauma release, coaching, medical and naturopathic methods depending on one’s needs. It is important to note that we keep and operate within the limits of the competencies of our team members.

Lucien del Mar
Functional Health Coach
Dr. Zita Csomai
Medical Doctor, Naturopathic Doctor
Eszter Nagy
Functional Nutritionist

Based on your laboratory test results we will

  • prepare for you a personalized solution plan
  • fine-tune your diet to your needs and metabolic type
  • create a supplement plan to support your healing/weight-loss goals
  • help you reduce stress in your life and improve your sleep
  • and put together a step-by-step program for you to follow and will follow-up and support you on your path as needed

How to apply

If you have any questions  feel free to contact us (phone or online)

Pick your consultation package

Choose a package and pay with your card.

Why do you have to pay in advance? As soon as your filled out questionnaire arrives to us, even before our appointment, we start to work on your case, we put work in. Also, 99% of our consultations take place online, so this sequence is more practical for both of us.

Complete our questionnaire

Once you have completed your payment you will immediately be sent an email with a link to our questionnaires that we kindly ask you to fill out.  In case you already have some laboratory test results, not older than 3 months, please email them to (If you do not receive this email, please contact us.)


We will review your information and contact you via email in case we need some additional tests done. In this case, we would recommend you to get them done as soon as possible.

Schedule your appointment

Call for an appointment for your consultation (even if you still need to wait for test results).


Our consultation takes approx. 1 hour (in person or via phone/online – skype, viber, messenger, depending on your request and our availability).

Our package

Consultation package

  • Laboratory Test Evaluation
  • Targeted nutritional supplement program
  • Consultation (in person, by phone or online)

145 EUR

In case you are not familiar with our Nutrition Profile serviceplease click here