q Nutrition Diary -

Nutrition Diary

“What, how much you eat, and why?” – Keep track of the way you eat for 5 days

1. Begin to list all your meals and drinks (except your water consumption). Write down when, what, how much and why you eat – in a simple, clear format.  Do not complicate it or spend too much time with it, it is not a thesis. 🙂

2. Be sure to write down the exact time of your first and last meal of the day, this is important.

3. At every meal (including coffee time) observe WHY you chose that particular food or drink and write it down NEXT TO the name of the food, something like this:

  • Grilled chicken -> I was hungry
  • Creamy cake -> No hunger, but I was craving something
  • Coffee -> I felt tired etc. 

These small observations can help us identify and rewrite habits of emotional or overeating.

4. Take notes of:

  • Any discomfort between meals, such as stomach ache, constipation, diarrhoea etc.  – anything that may have been caused by the food you have consumed.
  • Drop in your energy level during the day.

5. Write down if you have observed any correlation between what you had to eat and what resulted, any realization at all.

6. It’s important that you do not stress about “how bad you eat”. There is no need to please anybody. Write down everything truthfully, no need to change anything. We will not judge you in any shape or form, but honesty is important for us to really get to know where you are at.

7. Ideally your diary will include 1-2 weekend days as well, as many of us eat differently on those days.